When marketed and staged properly, homes for sale in Napa don’t stay on the market long, and in the process of moving the most you can hope for is that it goes as smoothly as possible. A good way to ensure this happens is to notify specific people and service providers before you pack up and leave. This will make your transition much easier and save you time and headaches in the future. Here are some tips on who you can reach out to:

Family and Friends

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised at how often someone moves and forgets to inform some of their friends or even family members. If you’re in frequent contact with someone, let them know about the big day coming up. You won’t have to awkwardly tell them about the move after the fact, and they may even offer to help (hopefully).

Your Napa Real Estate Agents

It’s never a bad idea to reach out to your Napa real estate agents to remind them of your moving date a couple of weeks before the trucks show up. Your realtors may have some last-minute details to share with you or vice versa, so give them a quick call just to touch base.


It’s always a good idea to inform your neighbors of your upcoming move if you have a good relationship with them. Share the news with them over a friendly dinner or barbecue and be sure to let them know where you’re going by providing your new address. This will allow them to send you any new deliveries or packages that may show up after you’re gone.

Your Employer

Give your employer at least a month’s notice of your move to help human resources adjust any paperwork regarding payroll and taxes. It can also give you free time during the week in the event you need to take a day or two off work.

The Post Office

To make sure nothing gets lost in the mail, visit your local post office and notify them of your upcoming address change. You can also ask to block all incoming junk mail as a courtesy to the person who is moving into your current home.

Utility Companies and Service Providers

Be sure to inform your utility companies at least two weeks before your moving day. The last thing you want is missed payments and past-due notices that could result in services getting cut off and negatively affect your credit score. A big part of a smooth moving transition is having power in your new home and this tip will guarantee it.

Credit Card Companies and Banks

Although most Americans now rely on online banking, it’s still important to inform your credit card companies and your bank of the move at least two weeks in advance. This will give them time to update their records and prevent the possibility of mailing new cards and notices to your old residence.

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