Whether you want to enhance your home’s exterior appearance for the future or are looking to sell soon, landscaping fixes can be the cheapest, easiest, and most impactful solutions. Homeowners hoping to upgrade their home’s curb appeal have an almost infinite variety of options to freshen up a tired exterior that will instill fresh pride of ownership while also increasing its market value.

According to an SFGate’s Home Guides article, beautiful, well-maintained landscaping can add 5.5-12.5% to your home’s value. For any $500,000 homes for sale Napa Valley, landscaping enhancements can amount to a value appreciation of between $27,500 and $62,500.

Importance of Curb Appeal

Put yourself in a prospective buyer’s shoes. When they arrive, the first indication of how well you have maintained the home is your landscaping. While a mowed lawn with a few flowers and shrubs are nice, more may be needed to generate real excitement in the prospective buyer’s eyes.

A well-manicured appearance with unique landscaping features can really grab a buyers’ attention and set the stage for a more positive experience when they begin to inspect the interior components of your home.

Popular Home Landscaping Trends

Not all landscaping improvements are intended for the front of your home. Some may offer entertainment options, privacy, and a place to enjoy and reflect in the rear of the house. In some instances, certain well-designed backyard landscaping features of homes for sale Napa Valley will elicit amazement and appreciation from first-time visitors as soon as they move outside.

Whether you plan to remain in your home or hope to sell in the future, here are a few popular trends in landscaping that can upgrade your pride of ownership while increasing your homes for sale Napa Valley future values:

  • Geometric Hardscapes: Walkways and Retaining Walls

Geometric hardscapes composed of stone, concrete, or brick in chevron, lattice, or basketweave designs are replacing the traditional square and rectangular patterns of entryways or entertainment areas. You may also enhance the approach with easy-to-maintain native plants that survive area weather throughout the year.

  • Outdoor Living

Homeowners and friends are spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. Convert your boring patio slab into a relaxing and enjoyable entertainment area with stylish seating and perhaps a fire or cooking feature. Surround the area with interesting plantings to create an idyllic retreat for relaxing and entertaining.

  • Planters, Containers, and Vertical Gardens

Personalize your style by adding containers, vertical planters, raised beds, and even edible plants around the home’s exterior. Bird feeders of various types and shapes will also add interest to your home.

  • Pergolas

Pergolas above patios and decks provide filtered protection from direct sunlight while allowing plenty of light for outdoor enjoyment. A popular idea is to plant climbing ivy that will eventually cover the pergola and create a sense of privacy and proximity to nature as you relax or socialize.

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