Now that you have listed all elements you would like in your dream home, a general idea of your target location, have a lender’s pre-approval for a mortgage up to a certain amount, and you have chosen from the Napa real estate agents the search can begin in earnest.

The real estate agent you have chosen can now begin the real work of finding the right homes for sale Napa Valley that fit your criteria.

Your Napa Valley real estate agent should:

  • Have a successful track record and an excellent reputation with prior buyers and sellers.
  • Be well-versed in each Napa Valley community’s features, including schools, hospitals, cultural activities, transportation, demographics, etc.
  • Provide insight on recent transactions in the area.

House Hunting

Once your preliminary research, mortgage pre-approval, and real estate agent selection have been completed, the truly exciting phase begins: the house hunt.

  • Effective Napa Valley real estate agents will prepare a list of viable homes for sale in Napa Valley that best meet your criteria. Naturally, not all homes you plan to see will meet every preference, but some can be altered or upgraded without blowing your budget, assuming they otherwise fit your list of requirements.
  • While you can change the colors, improve the curb appeal somewhat, and even make some floorplan adjustments after you buy, you cannot do anything about the location. If you are not pleased with the neighborhood or notice potentially troublesome issues, you are better off to move on rather than having regrets later.
  • Your real estate agent should advise you of area home values and recent comparable transactions to help determine if a price listing is reasonable.
  • Learn about the school systems at each location. While better schools are a real asset if you have children, highly-rated schools also will add value if you sell in the future.
  • Many experts advise that you are better off buying the least expensive home in a neighborhood than purchasing the most costly. While this adage depends on several factors, you can assume that neighbors in the more expensive areas will be conscientious about maintaining the area at its highest level.

Making an Offer

Once you have found the home you want, it is time to get down to business. Your Napa real estate agent will help you to formulate your offer to buy. Your proposal should be realistic, reasonable, positive, and perhaps flexible to project a positive approach to the transaction.

Besides the necessary information that identifies who you are and the location of the property, elements of the offer should include:

  • A price offer, lender information, and down payment amount
  • Earnest money as recommended by your real estate agent
  • Any items you may request to remain with the home
  • Contingencies like home inspection and appraisal
  • Proposed closing date

It would be best to give the seller a reasonable timeframe to accept or counter your offer. If negotiations follow, your Napa Valley real estate agent will be your best counsel in these instances.

Home Inspection

Most offers are contingent upon a detailed inspection of the premises by a professional home inspector. These experts are trained to inspect the entire home, including parts that may not be visible during a visit.

The inspector will check and test the electrical components, inspect the plumbing, look for structural deficiencies, and monitor for leaks, cracks, and moisture. Their responsibilities also include determining the presence of termite and other pest infestations and a visual inspection of the roof.

Should deficiencies in the home appear during the inspection, the prospective buyer has the option to 1. request repairs or replacements before closing, 2. lower the proposed offer, or 3. cancel the transaction.


Congratulations, thanks to your diligence and patience, the professional guidance of your experienced Napa Valley real estate agent, and a professional home inspector, you are ready to close the deal.

You and the seller have agreed on all the deal components, and it is time to make it happen. Real estate closings, while they involve considerable paperwork, have become extremely simple and convenient. Depending on your lender and the title company selected, you may be signing at a local office or even your current residence. Much of the preparation for the closing is now performed online in advance.

Once done, the transaction is complete, and you should be able to move in and enjoy our new home immediately.

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