Owning a piece of the Earth has been a quest for humans since the earliest days. Throughout history, people have sought to possess property to build upon, cultivate, or, more recently, as an investment.

In early America, homesteaders escaped their traditional lives to head west, often participating in those legendary landrushes, to stake their claim on undeveloped real estate they hoped to call their own.

Still today, for a variety of reasons, many of us look to purchase and lay claim to pieces of property to build on or develop for a variety of purposes or establish a family legacy.

In areas like Napa Valley, land values have risen substantially in the past decade. So, envisioning what you desire in advance will help you and your real estate agent narrow your search for any potential Napa land for sale.

What are your plans for a new property?

Your choice to buy Napa land for sale likely starts with a vision. If the property is to be for a new home or to be used for agriculture, you first must determine the size and characteristics of the land you want to obtain.

For example:

  • If you plan to build a home on the lot, make sure you allow for the maximum footprint of what you may construct, the minimum surrounding acreage, plus any zoning restrictions.
  • Also, are utilities and other improvements already in place? Or, will you need to add to your investment to make the lot habitable or useful for your purposes?
  • Do you plan to own horses? If so, experts advise that you should have no less than two acres of pasture per adult animal.
  • Are you looking for fishing opportunities or forested land with wildlife present?
  • Are you planning to develop a vineyard or other agricultural development on the land? In this instance, you need to assess the soil quality, drainage, and other aspects of the property to determine if your Napa land for sale is viable.

Once you have envisioned your goal, finding a reputable real estate agent with lifelong knowledge of the area, land, and recently sold properties in Napa Valley is essential. With professional assistance and experience, you should be able to narrow your search quickly.

Aligning Your Budget with Your Dream

Napa land for sale varies substantially in price and value. While extensive tracts of undeveloped land are still available, properties with existing homes for sale Napa Valley are also available.

Naturally, prices vary substantially depending on the size of the property, degree of development, and the location.

Location is important depending on what you plan to do with the land. If you are planning to own horses or other livestock, you will be looking at Napa land for sale away from the existing communities.

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