If you’re a Napa resident with land for sale, Napa realtors with the right experience can help market your lot and get it sold quickly for top dollar. But having the right realtor is only one part of the formula to success in finding a buyer for your Napa land for sale. You also have some important steps to take to help make the process seamless for you and any potential buyer that comes your way. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Step 1: Have All Legal Documentation Updated and Handy

There’s no bigger disappointment in the real estate business than marketing a property or lot and finding the perfect, motivated buyer, only to have the deal fall apart because of a lien on the property that had not been disclosed. When it comes to Napa land for sale, make sure you have all relevant documentation ready to submit to your agent upon signing the listing agreement. These documents include:

  • Property title
  • Property income and financial statements (If applicable)
  • Maps and surveys
  • Access
  • Easements

Step 2: The Importance of Agricultural Records

Several important resources can add value to your property if their rights are documented correctly. Depending on what kind of property you own, it could require you to prepare the following agricultural resources:

  • Water rights
  • Leases
  • Third-party leases
  • Mineral Rights

Step 3: Organize Any Recreational Records

Your land may allow for certain recreational activities that make it very marketable to a specific category of buyers. Prepare the following records that apply to your property and submit them to your agent.

  • Permission to hunt
  • Protected or specific wildlife habitat
  • Fishing zones

Step 4: What Else Comes With Your Napa Land For Sale

Not all land properties are simply a vast open field. Some have things like equipment, structures, and even livestock. It’s important to define this in detail when meeting with your broker so they can properly market your land for sale. Napa buyers should have no last-minute surprises when making an offer on a lot.

Step 5: Revise Your Property for Necessary Improvements

Even though you may not be selling a brick-and-mortar home, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for potential upgrades to your property. Depending on the type of property you own, the following upgrades could add some dollars to your final sale price:

  • Condition of barns or buildings on the property
  • Ensure fences do not deteriorate and painted
  • Tools and machinery in working condition
  • Landscaping is kept up and the property looks appealing
  • Functioning septic tank system

Listing and Marketing Napa land for sale is a big task that requires a great deal of organization and the right broker to get it sold for top dollar. Contact Ghisletta Realty today for a free consultation!