Whether relocating for a new job, change of scenery, downsizing, or up-sizing, selling your home can be a landmark financial event in your life. Since your home may be your single most significant investment, maximizing your return can have a notable impact on your financial future.

But, like shares of stock on the equity market, for example, selling your home at the wrong time or price can make a difference.

Currently, interest rates are at historically low levels, creating an exceptional situation for both buyers and sellers. Lower rates allow borrowers to pay more for a property while keeping their monthly mortgage payments within budget. Because of this, sellers may expect to ask a higher price than they might otherwise.

As a result, many areas of the country, including property for sale Napa Valley, are experiencing a “boom” in real estate prices, faster turnover, and even bidding wars for the most desirable properties.

Your Selling Strategy: Set the “Right” Price

Every property for sale Napa Valley is different. Some are better situated with views or easier access, while others might be in better condition with other value-adding strengths. Simply trying to sell at the price that your neighbor may have received can either leave your property on the market too long or move all too quickly at a price that you might later regret.

A professional Napa Valley real estate agent can provide an accurate Comparative Market Analysis that will guide you to the appropriate selling price. Making your realtor selection should be your first step in marketing your property for sale Napa Valley.

Work Only with Experienced Napa Real Estate Agents

Selling your property in a reasonable time while achieving the highest possible return requires the expertise and judgment of one of the qualified Napa real estate agents. Experienced agents offer an objective point of view to your property for sale Napa Valley and can identify strengths, weaknesses, things to fix, and comparative value. Most importantly, they understand buyer priorities and what often stands in the way of a successful sale.

Clean Up the Exterior: Invest in Curb Appeal

Make a great first impression. Keep your lawn and other landscaping features in great shape. Paint and repair all exterior damage where needed. Sales prospects drive away without further review when they see a run-down, unnecessarily tired exterior. Buyers often presume that what they may see outside is simply a preview of the inside.

Eliminate Bad Odors and Clutter

Sellers become accustomed to certain odors and pet smells in their homes. Cleaning drains, bathrooms, rugs, and furniture regularly while paying particular attention to the airiness and cleanliness of the kitchen is essential.

Remember, the smell of fresh-baked bread is a delightful aroma to greet prospective buyers.

Also, take away any old furniture and items that cause unnecessary clutter. Staging your home with fewer personal items, less furniture, and removing pets during the buyer inspection is vital.

Make Minor Repairs

Before putting the property on the market, find and repair all marks, stains, and dents that may give the impression of rough treatment and sloppy maintenance. Also, fix leaky faucets, running toilets, and loose wiring to make a better impression.

Contact Ghisletta Realty to Sell Your Napa Property

A long-time resident of the area, Adam Ghisletta, specializes in all marketing all types of property for sale Napa Valley. With family roots tracing back to 19th Century Napa Valley, Adam’s family were pioneers in dairy and agriculture.

If you have a property for sale Napa Valley, contact one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Napa real estate agents to help you list, price, and stage your asset to achieve the best possible return.

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